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With so many brands hitting the markets of India every day, finding the right Bluetooth speaker is becoming more challenging.


boAt speakers have been around for some time now. The brand has become more popular due to its quality and unique products. If you are looking for something that won’t disappoint, you should seriously consider this brand.


JBL is a popular brand that also produces headphones, home speakers and mainly portable Bluetooth speakers. Their products can be quite expensive but worth every penny.


The Mi brand comes from a Chinese company known as Xiaomi. There are thousands of products under this brand–Bluetooth speakers included. The quality and durability of their products are undeniably great.


One of the largest electronics companies in the world, Philips boasts quality products. From lighting to medical equipment to electronics and audio system, there was no way this brand would miss in this list.


Known for its excellent sound systems, Sony has a reputation of owning some of the worlds best sound systems. Their portable Bluetooth speakers is a pure sample of a quality audio system.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Reviews & Buyer's Guide 


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