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 This product comes with a dimension of depth 465mm x width 1205 mm x height 1835 mm. It comes with melamine faced chipboard material. The product comes with a wenge color. It is a piece of modern and contemporary furniture. The excellent quality of hardware ensures overall strength and durability.

This product requires assembling for installation. It has a smooth texture and a lustrous finish. The wardrobe is a compact and unique construction to facilitate easy transportation. It comes with a custom design with extensive features to maintain a tidy environment.
PROS (What we liked)

    The product comes with secure storage.
    Its three-door facility allows for wide opening and convenient accessibility.

   It is made of quality melamine faced chipboard.
    It’s easy to use, sturdy and built to last.
    Offers a good look, adding to the interiors of your room.
    It stands on a flat weighted base for added stability.
    It comes with wide shelves, which are divided into separate compartments for easy sorting.


CONS (What we didn’t like)

    The wardrobes might not be ideal for people who relocate.

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 The product has four doors for compartmentalization and multiple shelves and drawers for the organization of clothes. It has a load-bearing capacity of up to 98kg for the middle section above the drawer and up to 68.6 kg for the middle section below the drawer. It has up to 46 kg for the left and right shelves. The product comes with a 15 mm thick board for sturdiness and durability, and this wardrobe has been tested for stability to ensure its safety.
PROS (What we liked)

    It’s a fantastic product with excellent engineered wood material.
    It comes with an elegant.
    It has sturdy and durable.
    It is safe and comfortable to use.
    The wardrobe is free from harmful chemicals.
    It is long-lasting.
    It brings good value for your money.
    It comes with a beautiful color.


CONS (What we didn’t like)

    Assembling the wardrobe could take time.


Wakefit Organza 4 Door Wardrobe

 This wardrobe has four doors and 8 side shelves inside – four on each side. Apart from them, there is a larger main shelf inside at the center with a hanger rod on top.

The dimensions of this wardrobe are 71.5 inches in height, 63 inches in length, and 18.6 inches in width. The material is engineering wood.
PROS (What we liked)

    The frame is sturdy and crack-resistant.
    The wood is strong and doesn’t chip off from the sides.
    It has been tested for durability.
    Wakefit provides free installation by carpenters.
    The large size mirror allows you to get in style within minutes.
    This wardrobe is easy to maintain and clean.
    There is plenty of space inside the wardrobe for clothes, accessories, jewellery, etc.
    The presence of separate compartments prevents the mixing up of your stuff.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

    The gaps between the doors are not even.
    The height is lesser than conventional wardrobes.


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Caspian Junglewood Textured 4 Door Wardrobe


It comes with engineered wood and black color. It is an item of simple and contemporary furniture. The excellent quality ensures strength and durability when it is in use. It has a smooth texture and lustrous finish making it look unique and beautiful. The wardrobe is portable and a unique feature to facilitate easy transportation. It comes with a lovely custom design with features that make your things look well-organized.
PROS (What we liked)

    The texture is nice and smooth.
    The comes pre-installed.
    It’s comfortable to use.
    It brings value to your money.
    It is sturdy and attractive.
    The size is big enough, suitable for a small family.
    It has convenient spaces to hang your clothes.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

    No such cons were observed.

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 It comes with product dimensions of length 32 inches, width 18 inches, and height 72 inches and comes with a primary material of engineered wood with laminate. This product comes with a dark wenge color and a mate finish.

The product has a contemporary style and a modern look and requires basic assembly and has a do it yourself assembly instructions. This wardrobe has a locking mechanism in which you can neatly organize your clothes and store valuables securely. It has a mirror installed and multi-compartment to facilitate an organized setup.
PROS (What we liked)

    It’s easy to install.
    It comes with a beautiful design and is sturdy.
    It comes with a brown color.
    It brings value to your money.

    The fitting is straightforward.
    It comes with a lovely structure, will fit more clothes and not take much space in the room.
    It comes with adequate spacing.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

    The deck seems to be of low-quality plywood.

Types of wardrobes

 Freestanding wardrobes

This type of wardrobe, though traditional, is the most versatile of all the wardrobes. It is easy to move from room to any part of the house or even to transport to another home. The freestanding wardrobe, which most times is placed in a corner because of it doors, requires space in front when opening.

It is the most common type of wardrobe. Most times, it comes in wooden nature, but lately, glass, metal, and other options have been used.
Fitted sliding door wardrobes

The fitted sliding door wardrobe is a modern, sophisticated design that makes your bedroom perfect. This wardrobe leaves enough space for other things, and since it usually is a ceiling to the floor, its top requires no cleaning.

Also, unlike the free-standing, the fitted sliding door wardrobe needs no space in front. Just slide the door. The fitted sliding door wardrobe is not easy to transport, and it is usually more expensive than the free-standing wardrobe because of its installation.It gives your bedroom the modern vibe it deserves.
Walk-in wardrobes

The walk-in wardrobe is the most versatile. It consumes more space and usually owns by people who have a large number of clothes. It contains a hanging and storage space and sometimes a chair or bench in the middle. It is usually expensive to make because of the space it takes, and as a result, it is not easy to develop. The walk-in wardrobes could be designed to the user’s taste, sometimes with doors or sliding doors. It is usually very catchy and attractive to have.

 Best Fold able Wardrobes in India

Nowadays a portable and lighter design wardrobe called as Foldable wardrobes have become popular and it can have an imposing presence in your bedroom or store room. As Folding Wardrobes brings the benefit of getting fit in compact spaces, portable, multi purpose use, easy to clean, and great modular design, you can have at least one in your Home.

It can be a best substitute for Engineered Wood Wardrobe and also a cheaper option with good amount of shelves as compared with wooden furniture. Small designed wardrobes can also be used as shoe racks or can be used at kitchen as well.

Here we are putting this article for Reviews of Best Foldable Wardrobes in India


FLIPZON Multipurpose 6 Shelve Baby Fabric Wardrobe, Foldable – Blue

Maison & Cuisine 6+2 Layer Fancy and Portable Foldable Collapsible Closet/Cabinet (Need to Be Assembled) (88130) (Wine Red) 

BDMP 6+2 Layer Fancy and Portable Foldable Collapsible Closet/Cabinet (Multi parpose Space Wardrobe) (88130/ Wine Red) 

Collapsible Clothes Storage Wardrobe Cupboard with Shelves
Cabinet/Dust-Proof Multipurpose Foldable Portable Non-Woven Fabric
Closet Organizer with 8 Shelves 130 x 45 x 175 (cm) (Blue)

HomeTown Albert Engineered Wood Storage Cabinet in Oak Colour 

HomeTown Morgan Engineered Wood Four Door Wardrobe in Wenge 

HomeTown Crony Engineered Wood Book Shelf in Wenge Colour 

HomeTown Premier Engineered Wood Three Door Wardrobe in Regato Walnut Colour 

  Amazon Brand – Solimo 3-Door Foldable Wardrobe, 10 Racks, Brown

 Wakefit Prose Corner Bookshelf

Wakefit Organza 4 Door Wardrobe with Middle Drawers 

 Caspian Furnitures Junglewood Textured 4 Door Wardrobe

Caspian Furniture Junglewood Textured 4 Door Wardrobe with Mirror (Black) 

Caspian Junglewood Textured 4 Door Wardrobe With Mirror

DeckUp Uniti 2-Door Wardrobe (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish) 

DeckUp Cannes Engineered Wood TV Entertainment Unit Dark Wenge,2 door 

DeckUp Yonne Engineered Wood TV Entertainment Unit Dark Wenge,2 door 

Spacewood Texas 2 Door Wardrobe (Woodpore Finish, Natural Wenge) 

  Trevi Regal Deluxe Engineered Wood Wardrobe White,3 door

Nilkamal Freedom Mini Small Plastic Multipurpose Wardrobe – Bright Red and Yellow 

12 Door Polypropylene Plastic Sheet Wardrobe Storage Rack Closest
Organizer for Clothes Living Room Bedroom Small Accessories



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