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 As your child grows up, so does his desire to explore. Choosing a child’s bike can be a bit daunting, as there are so many options to consider, but given your child’s age and interests, it’s easy to use.

The diameter of the wheel is considered the reference point for children’s bicycles, but for adult bicycles it is used as a reference for the frame size. It is important to estimate your child’s height and foot length to find the right bike. The child’s feet should be able to touch the ground and easily grip the handle.

Before you buy a cycle, you need to check some tips

Age: According to your child’s age Please check your child’s age before purchasing a cycle. Choose the cycle that suits your child’s age. In general, 12-14 inch bikes with stabilizers are suitable for age groups 3 and 5 years

Height: The size of the cycle is indicated in inches, which is the diameter of the wheel. You need to make sure that the bike you are choosing is the correct size based on your child’s height and age. There are generally 10 to 24 inch bike heights on the market

In addition to these tips, there are wheels, frames, brakes, etc. that are clearly stated in the Buying Guide.

We conducted a thorough investigation and based on customer reviews, came up with seven best cycles for children in India.


Best Cycles for Kids Boys and Girls 


Cycle Suitable for age group Cycle Brakes types Buy Now
Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Cycle 7 to 9 years Calliper CHECK ON AMAZON
R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Jazz Bicycle 4 to 7 years Disc CHECK ON AMAZON
Hero Brat 16T Single Speed Cycle 5 to 6 years Calliper CHECK ON AMAZON
RAW BICYCLES BMX Single Speed Kids Cycles 7 to 10 years Fixed- wheel- brakes CHECK ON AMAZON
MDS K8 DAREDEVIL MTB cycle 5 to 12 years Disc CHECK ON AMAZON
Hero Peppy Steel Bicycle 3 to 5 years Calliper CHECK ON AMAZON
Global Bikes Barbie 16T (Pink) Kids Bicycle 5 to 8 years V brakes CHECK ON AMAZON
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 Best Cycle for Girls

 The girl’s cycle is a bit different from the boy’s cycle, especially in terms of appearance, adjustability and fit. It also has some characteristics that make it more feminine for girls.

Besides finding the right size for the cycle that fits your girl properly, you need to check these three main factors to get the best and best bike.

Frame Material – Bicycle frames are made of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber, and steel materials are commonly used to provide a safer, smoother and more comfortable ride than aluminum. Aluminum is strong, hard, affordable, and although it may feel harsh on rough roads, it has excellent shock absorption. Carbon fiber is the most expensive and commonly used on high-end bikes, stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.

Wheel size – Wheel size usually determines the size of the cycle. Most cycles are manufactured according to the age and weight of the girl. Wheel sizes of about 20 to 24 inches are most commonly used by girls in the age group of 5 to 13 years. So choose the wheel size according to the girl’s age so that the girl can ride the bike comfortably.

Brake system – Provides safety for girls riding the cycle, especially during the learning phase. In general, bicycles have four types of brakes. Rim brakes (which grip the wheel rims, but less stopping in wet or muddy conditions), disc brakes (which grip the wheel hubs and perform well in wet terrain). ), Coaster brakes (located on the rear hub and actuated by turning the pedals backwards) and drum brakes (integrated into the wheel hub and actuating the handlebar levers, but heavier than other styles).

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Apart from these three main points, you need to consider various factors such as suspension, girl height, handlebar shape, etc. that are clearly stated in the comprehensive purchasing guide below. Also, take a look at some of the best products available in India to buy the best cycle for girls.

It’s easy to buy a bike these days, but finding the right bike for your little girl is a bit difficult. The market is full of different brands, and it can be confusing about which one to choose and how to get the best one. So we came up with a list of the best cycles for Indian girls to help you find the best cycles.


 Girl’s Cycle


Cycle For Girl Wheel Size Frame Material Age Group Buy Now
Hero Fashion Cycle 26 inches Steel 12+ years CHECK ON AMAZON
Avon Sherry 26 T Cycle 26 inches Steel 8 – 14 years CHECK ON AMAZON
Hero Peppy 16 T Junior Bike 16 inches Steel 4 – 9 years CHECK ON AMAZON
Torado Muscular Bicycle  20 inches Steel 7 – 10 years CHECK ON AMAZON
Global Bike Barbie Bicycle 16 inches Aluminum 5 – 8 years CHECK ON AMAZON
BSA Princess Cycle 20 inches Aluminum 6 – 11 years CHECK ON AMAZON
R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Rapid Bicycle 16 inches Magnesium Alloy 4 – 7 years CHECK ON AMAZON
Vaux Bicycle for Kids 16 inches Steel 4 – 8 years CHECK ON AMAZON

.Best Cycle for Boys and Girls