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Top cosmetic brands make beauty products such as mascara, lipstick, lotion, perfume and nail polish, from the most expensive, special cosmetic brands to the most affordable cosmetic brands. Some brands are better than others, but these are the best make-up brands standing above and beyond the rest, while you look like one lakh rupees without spending so much. So, what is the best makeup brand? Vote on this list of cosmetic companies below to make a decision. This list contains more obscure names in the well-known name brand makeup companies as well as make-up games. From fancy and professional to down-to-earth and ignore, this list has all this!

Makeup lovers are voting for their top favorite cosmetics brands everywhere. With any product, just because something is more expensive or high end is not necessarily better quality. Some of the best cosmetics brands are not the most expensive, but at the same time – paying less is not always worth getting an inferior product. Due to all these factors, it is a good idea to make some tests and errors with products often, so that they can decide on the largest cosmetic brand. Which cosmetic brand is best for you? There may be some experiments to answer this question, but this list of top 10 and beyond makeup companies can work as a starting point.

Apart from the differences in overall quality, popular brands can have their strengths and weaknesses. Company A can sell completely killer nail polish, but their foundation just does not bite it. Company B has a mineral foundation without which you can not live, but their lip balm leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing says you should stay with a cosmetics brand for everything. Mix and shade your eyes, mascara, and blush with perfect combinations for you.

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Top cosmetics companies have been leading global cosmetics market for decades.






    Bobbi Brown


    L.A Girl


    The Body Shop




    Makeup Revolution

    theBalm Cosmetics