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White Saree

White Saree

White colour saree looks great for day wear functions and festivals.Popularly believed to be the colour of purity, the moment you say white a soothing sense of calm pervades through your mind. Quite a contradictory colour when it comes to its inherent meaning as in few places it’s considered a color of purity and even for bridal wear, whereas in other places its regarded as a colour of mourning and death.

Whatever it may be, this classic hue is a fashion staple. Especially this season, as it’s the current rage. White is indeed the new black, so make sure you make a few whites part of your wardrobe. There are a quite a few celebs that are rather fond of this pristine shade. Magician of words, Gulzar, who is always donned in white kurta-pyjama, creates a dignified, no-nonsense yet chic look. The elder Kapoor sis, Karisma, seems rather fond of white too, since she’s been spotted wearing a white saree quite a few times, including at a recent awards function. Quite a few have been enamored by white this year as Bollywood beauties walked down the red carpet at the awards function in shimmering white sarees – Tabu, Dimple Kapadia, Rekha to name a few.

So if you haven’t invested in a gorgeous white saree yet, now would be a pretty good time to do so. Of course this subtle yet mesmerizing shade has its problems too, the most common being its maintenance. It flaunts dirt and filth more than any other colour, so keeping it spotless is rather a challenge. Also it’s better if you are on the leaner side, as being a light shade it’s not a slimming colour. But still, it’s worth the effort as white suits every skin tone. For those pristine whites, check out Smitten By White.

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Sarees in the pristine shade sparkled and shimmered with sequins, while others feature patchwork that includes alluring net patchwork . Also includes sarees with frill edging that adds a dash of unconventionality to the otherwise conventional saree to drape a piece in white to leave others spellbound!!