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Skinny-leg jeans look great on models and celebrities, but can real women pull off this runway look? Sure, if you follow a few guidelines:

* The most slimming look comes from skinny jeans in a dark blue or black wash.

* You don’t have to go with skin-tight jeans to get the look of the trend: jeans vary from super-skinny (usually about a 10″ leg opening) to a kinder, straight-leg cut (about 14″ leg opening).

* One of the key elements for pulling off skinny jeans is to balance it with volume on top including dolman-sleeve tops, bell-sleeve tops or tunics.

* Disguise heavy thighs by wearing a longer, belted tunic over skinny jeans.

* Cover up thick calves by tucking skinny jeans into tall boots.

* Wear heels with skinny jeans for a leg-lengthening look; pointy-toed flats also work.

How to Pull Off The Skinny Jeans Trend

Skinny jeans are those which are worn in a variety of ways and are available in styles that sit low on the hips, as well as styles that sit high on the waist. Through the skinny jeans, the leg is thin and is cut close to the body and the bottoms of the pants are tapered, allowing the jean to remain thin throughout the entire leg, creating curves and accenting parts of the body. Although the skinny jean is available in a variety of washes and colors, people seem to choose dark washes as the most popular type of skinny jean, as they seem to be the most flattering to various body types.

Are there certain body types which are able to pull off the skinny jean better than others? Those with a svelte or boyish figure may pull off the jeans best, but even girls with a little bit of curve can pull off the trend of skinny jeans, depending on what type of clothing and accessories are matched with the jeans. For example, those with curves may choose to accentuate the jeans with a tunic, which is belted around the waist, accentuating an hourglass figure or the thinnest part of the body.

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What types of shoes should be worn with skinny jeans? If you are trying to add height to your figure, than you should consider the highest shoes possible to match with the skinny jean. Stilettos and other thin, high heels work best when styling skinny jeans, as they can be used to create the illusion of a longer leg. Through the design in the heel, which mimics that of the skinny jean, the individual can ensure they are able to pull off the look effectively and cause the legs to appear leaner in the process.