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  • 1,520.00

    The Bi3 Table with 18-in-1 multipurpose laptop table 6 heights quick adjustment Min- 54cm (21.25”) Max-73cm (28.75”) surely accommodate all age group. Quick and effortless 3 angles adjustment of top, no tool required to assemble or adjust height and angles.
    The cantilever design really reaches maximum closure to the body so it is highly comfort to use while working on laptop, dining and study etc….
    Weight just 3.450 Kg easy to carry, easy to accommodate in car. Space saving product easy to fold. The steel part coated with epoxy coating after proper surface treatment for long lasting surface protection and better finish.

  • 450.00

    Dimensions: 16×16 Inches. Colour: Maroon / Burgundy Brocade with Silk Weave in Floral Designs. Flowers are weaved with Multicoloured Silk Threads and Gold. Pack of 2. Decorate your beautiful home with vibrant and colourful cushion cases. Great finish and Interlocked Inside.