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Amazing coincidence after 19 years, Sawan to occur for 2 month, Sawan Somvar Vrat.

This year, Sawan will last for two months, which is rare after two decades. The lengthening is due to the introduction of the month of “Malamas”, an extra month added to the Hindu lunar calendar to maintain alignment with the lunar cycle. As the year 2023 marks the existence of this extra month, the celebration of Sawan will be one month longer than the usual period. Therefore, instead of four Mondays and four Tuesdays dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, in 2023 there will be eight Mondays and eight Tuesdays to remember these deities

Why women should like green during Shravan month | Designer Kurtis for Sawan Month | Designerplanet

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The month of Shravana is considered a very auspicious month to connect with nature. While we offer water to Lord Shiva, we are already showing that connection with nature in one way. Green is the color of nature. Along with this, it is also associated with good luck. Dressing in green brings auspiciousness and good luck as well as showing gratitude to nature. Green is highly preferred for bracelets by women. Many others use this for saris and dresses as well. Green color associated with marriage

The green color in Hinduism is also associated with marriage. Like red, green is also believed to bring good luck and happiness to married life. Therefore, women wear green colored armbands as well as green clothing to seek blessings for their married life and a long life for their husband from Lord Shiva.
Green Color for Career 
The green color for Mercury’s work is associated with the work and occupation of a person and the owner of this planet is Budh Deva. The color green is very important to Budh Deva. So, you can show your gratitude to Budh Deva by wearing the color green and get good luck with your work in that way.

Green Color for Marriage

The color green is associated with marriage Red is often the color of marriage because it is believed to bring luck and happiness throughout the married life. However, not only is red the lucky color of marriage, green has the same meaning as red. Therefore, women wear green colored crowns as well as green colored dresses to seek blessings for their married life and that of their husbands from Lord Shiva.

Designer Kurtis for Sawan Month

Latest Kurtis for Sawan 

Sawan Special Women’s Saree
Bangle for Sawan   

Importance of wearing Green Churis and Bangles

• Married: Marriage is said to be very important in the life of a married woman, and during the month of Sawan, women wear green bracelets so that they can be blessed by Shiva and their husbands have a long life.

• Wisdom and prosperity: lets you know that green is considered the symbol of the planet Mercury and keeping the color green strengthens Mercury and brings happiness to offspring. At the same time, using green colors brings wisdom and prosperity.

Careers: The planet Mercury is said to be associated with the career and occupation of any person, so keeping green brings success to man on her own.

• For good luck: Mahadev is also satisfied with the green color that is said to be the reason why women wear green in the month of Sawan, not just one, but for many reasons.

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